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Now Recruiting Subcontractors For Damage Assessment Teams!

At Power Line Solutions, our entire focus is on “assessment done right.”

This means everything we are and everything we can provide to our clients depends upon the quality of the professionals we have on our assessor/driver teams.

We take great pride in saying that our current contractors are professional engineers, electricians, construction managers, law enforcement officers, firefighters and commercial drivers. Many have several years of experience with major utility companies and specialized skills from previous employment.

We look for partners who share our values, and who are professional, motivated, independent, experienced, collaborative, passionate, and responsive.

We promise you a company who operates with honesty and integrity; listens to your observations and concerns; and has your best interest and safety foremost in mind to provide “assessment done right.

Why Power Line Solutions?

  • We recruit professional, experienced subcontractors
  • We prioritize your safety and comfort
  • We value and deliver honesty and integrity
  • We deploy well-managed, effective teams
  • We identify and utilize your individual strengths and abilities
  • We welcome your observations and constructive feedback
  • We are responsive to your concerns

Subcontractor Assessor/Driver Job Expectations

  • 1099 independent contractor position
  • On-call, as-needed basis
  • Good hourly rate
  • Overtime pay structure in place

We look forward to talking with you!

USFCR Verified Vendor

Power Line Solutions LLC

Cleveland OH 44135