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Our Leadership Team

We are a minority, woman-owned small business. We do storm damage assessment, with a focus on “assessment done right”. Our Power Line Solutions management team has managed deployments during some of the most challenging storms, with three of our owners having worked every hurricane from Katrina to Isaac and ice storms from Texas to Massachusetts.

One of our largest and longest deployments was in Puerto Rico during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in the Fall of 2017. The entire electrical grid went down, leaving 1.5 million people without power. For five months, DAT teams were on the ground working to assess damage and relay information for necessary repairs.

Mary L. Devring
Operations/Contract Review

Mary is a natural leader, whether leading an office, a project, a team of people, or an organization. She is committed, energetic, hard-working, dedicated, and responsive. Her goal-oriented approach and entrepreneurial initiative combine to enable her to effectively address anything she encounters.
Mary’s background in labor, legal, and management allows her a broad perspective and experience base. She has had the opportunity to organize, recruit, train, and deploy resources on a variety of platforms and causes.
Her data management and organizational skills, combined with her desire to always improve upon the status quo, have led her to successfully create, develop, and market several custom database tools. She has been able to take tedious, repetitive data entry tasks and streamline them into accessible, valuable database tools that are more efficient, more effective, and more user friendly.
Mary is delighted to be one of the women owners of Power Line Solutions, LLC and leading the Operations and Contract Review activities. She is proud to offer “assessment done right” by the highly professional damage assessment teams of Power Line Solutions, LLC.

Gina Marie Criscione
Co-Owner/Vice President
Recruitment/Marketing/Social Networking

Gina is an experienced owner, operator and manager, utilizing her problem-solving abilities and customer service orientation throughout her career.
As a serial entrepreneur, she not only established a network of successful business establishments, but continually innovated new and creative solutions to solve emerging customer needs. Many of these became products which she developed and marketed to her clients.
While running her businesses, Gina became highly skilled at recruiting, hiring, training, and managing resources. Throughout her career, she has relied on the value of expanding her knowledge and keeping her people educated on up-to-date information, current trends, and new technologies.
She is proficient at utilizing social media platforms to communicate her messages and is delighted to be able to add that aspect to her success with traditional marketing channels.
Gina is proud to be one of the women owners of Power Line Solutions, LLC. She believes in the focus on “assessment done right” and is excited to recruit additional professionals to their growing number of damage assessment teams.

Douglas E. Card
Director of New Business and Field Operations

Doug has considerable and wide-ranging experience successfully organizing and managing large scale events and resource deployment in various roles throughout his career.
He credits his success to having developed excellent communication skills, an ability to manage large groups of people in a respectful and efficient manner, and his focus on handling conflict resolution with a professional, win-win approach.
He is a problem-solver, continually striving to put out fires and achieve optimum results, while keeping client satisfaction his top priority.
Many of his positions provided opportunities to work directly with local and state government projects.
Post super storm Sandy, he was elected to City Council and not only worked for his district, but also worked to secure government contracts for redevelopment for his community. As a member of both the Land Use Board and Environmental Commission, it was his responsibility to seek funding from both State and Federal Agencies and negotiate contracts to rebuild areas in the city destroyed by the storm. With the support of the Mayor and Council, he took a leave of absence from his Council post to serve as a field director in Ponce, Puerto Rico, working for the US Army Corps of Engineers, for three months after hurricane Maria.
Now a minority owner and Director of New Business and Field Operations in this women-owned small business, Doug deploys and manages damage assessment teams nationwide and negotiates subcontractor agreements with nationally recognized providers.

Michael J. Criscione

Mike has an extensive background owning and operating a professional services firm that provides software solutions and IT support to small businesses.
His complement of computer skills spans multiple languages and several software packages, allowing him the flexibility to address the many and varied needs of his clients.
His level of professionalism and expertise, combined with his initiative and drive to find the best solution, helps him continually seek new skills and state-of-the-art software.
Mike’s creativity and problem-solving capabilities allowed him to successfully create a data program to calculate payroll and invoicing, greatly assisting him in providing financial reports to the company and daily time/payroll reporting of deployed subcontractors to their clients.
Mike’s IT experience is invaluable in providing the company website design and maintenance, e-list management, robo-calls, and company database hosting.
Mike is delighted to be a minority owner of Power Line Solutions, LLC and is proud to offer the integrity and professionalism present in their damage assessment teams.

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